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Високоякісна фітинги для труб з електрофузією HDPE


Трубопровідна арматура SUNPLAST HDPE виготовлена ​​з первинного матеріалу PE100, якість якого повністю відповідає стандартам EN12201-3.

The HDPE pipe electrofusion fittings' copper wire is concealed, which can avoid the copper wire from oxadation & corrosion. It can ensure the stability of welding performance. Deep in inserting and wide on welding area, both ends and center part on which having enough cooling zone to stop the flow of melting materials , this advantage design make it easy in operation none-fixed equipment.

SUNPLAST HDPE pipe electrofusion fittings can be provided from 20mm to 500mm (20-800mm for electrofusion coupler) both in SDR17-PN10 & SDR11-PN16. 

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